Ola Lola's Bar & Grill

Now under new management by Stephanie & Jordan from Wisconsin!

As of July 2018, Ola Lola's is now owned and operated by us! Our names are Stephanie La Vake (Bartender/Server) and Jordan Noie (Chef). We are from a small town in Central Wisconsin.  This journey began years ago, as a vacation...which turned into a dream to move here...which through a lot of ups & downs became reality!


We are delighted to be a part of OLA LOLA'S long and colorful story. As a chapter in this restaurant/bars story, we intend to keep the tradition alive of being a friendly chill place to gather, eat and have a few drinks. Our bar will be a safe place for one and all! 


As new residents of Puerto Rico, we cannot wait to meet new people and check out all the island has to offer! So if you haven't already come to try Ola Lola's, please come check it out. We will be there with a smile just waiting to meet you!


UPDATE:  After 3 years running Ola Lola's, we expanded by one person.  New to the island (and to life), we welcome Oliver Harrison! As it happens with a new baby, Mom (Stephanie) has to step away from the business a little. We have an excellent team that helps Ola Lola's remain what it always has been.  As Oliver gets older, he will be in the restaurant more and more!  


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